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IT solutions for home computer users.

A short video I created to inspire people.


It has been awhile since I last blogged about Information Technology, I have been kept busy with my IT course of late and other side interest.

Over the past few days I have managed to create two videos using Ezvid for the Techcorp IT Solutions YouTube account as I want to create high quality content for both the Techcorp IT Solutions WordPress blog and YouTube Channel.

These are the two videos I created.

As I do tutorials I will be doing a combination of screen shots and a video of the overall process, please feel free to let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to touch on in my blogs.

After the trouble I had installing WordPress 3.1 from tutorials I found after conducting a Google search I decided to write my own tutorial which I hope works for you all I found it pretty straight forward.

The first thing you need to do is download both XAMPP and WordPress 3.1 by going to their respective web addresses and

After downloading both XAMPP and WordPress 3.1 we will now start the install of XAMPP and create a database for WordPress 3.1.

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Over the past 3 weeks I have tried to get WordPress 3.0 to install on XAMPP with very little success, just when I think I have it, it tells me it can’t find the install path on the localhost which is generally http://localhost/xampp/htdocs/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php.

Well that is the directory root path WordPress 3.0 has been extracted to I followed all instructions in installing WordPress 3.0 from the tutorial at and also looked at the forums and help at WordPress still nothing works.

It should really be a straight forward thing to do, I’d like to say I’m good and knowledgeable about computers but even for me this is challenging but none the less enjoying.

I’m determined to get WordPress 3.0 installed and up and running because I believe if I get someone else to do it for me where is the learning value of that.

If anyone has advice on how to get WordPress 3.0 to install please let me know I would be very interested in knowing how I can achieve this i’m wanting to install some plugins to this blog so I can improve the overall functionality of my blog.

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Anyone that uses WordPress and knows how frustrating it is to install, configure and use WordPress Plugins will find this an excellent step by step tutorial teaching you how to install, configure and use WordPress Plugins.

How to Install, Configure, and Use WordPress Plugins WordPress Plugins come in two styles: drop-in and mess with. Those are my terms, not the official ones. Drop in WordPress Plugins are Plugins you upload, activate, and then interact with only through the WordPress Administration Panels. Mess With WordPress Plugins are the ones you install and interact with through the Administration Panels, but they also involve editing your WordPress Theme template files, which means you are messing around with … Read More

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