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I wanted to do a blog on time travel as it has interested me for most of my life since I was able to understand what things were about.

Growing up I enjoyed reading books on different subjects especially time travel and ufo’s both pretty much go hand in hand.

People often ask are ufo’s from space I believe not necessarily so but are seen as a fragment of our own capabilities in a distant future.

This blog is about time travel and as such the implications of time travel, in saying that I mean it is subject to abuse.

History could be changed and altered to suit ones needs based on what we know for example Bin laden could be taken out of the equation before he became a problem same with every other ruthless person who existed throughout history.

From a religious point of view on time travel if we could pinpoint the exact day, time and year that Jesus was crucified we could prevent it from ever happening.

So what are the implications of doing that?

It could radically alter history maybe for the greater good or maybe for the worse.

When time travel becomes possible it should be seen as a means to view historical events first hand without interference.

Star Trek had the right idea the prime directive was that they could not alter the time-line and if they did there were serious implications for that action.

The theory is can the past you co-exist with the present you at the same time, Time Cop was an interesting view of what could possibly happen.

I presume, past you is matter and present you is anti-matter mix the two and there are dire repercussions.

I’m not a physicist so I don’t fully understand the field of quantum physics though it is an interesting subject.

I bought the book Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes On The Cosmos by Seth Lloyd and interesting read though I haven’t completely read it.

I believe everything that surrounds us is a mathematical equation I don’t fully understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, at school a friend explained to me what e=mc2 meant.

Therefore from my understanding of Einsten’s theory of relativity implies (E) energy required to reach speed of light (300,000 kilometers, per second) equals the (M) mass of an object (starship) as it reaches the (C) constant speed of light (300,000 kilometers, per second) which is then multiplied by a factor of two to exceed the speed of light.

To exceed the speed of light would require a massive source of energy nothing currently on Earth is sufficient enough to generate that kind of energy.

The theory is that if you travel at the speed of light you are warping time and space for example a thousand years could pass by in a second while traveling at the speed of light.

There are a number of parts to the National Geographic series Naked Science: Time Machine that introduce viewers to the research that is going on into time travel.

If this interest you I recommend you watch the remaining parts to gain a better understanding of the physics of time travel.

High ethical and moral standards need to be implemented in order for time travel to become feasible and a reality thus preventing radical changes in the time-line.

“We are only limited by the level imagination we choose to use”

Hundreds of years ago they could only dream of putting a man on the moon it was achieved not once but twice by those who dared to use their imagination.

In time we will be able to explore more of the universe we just need to have an imagination that it will be achievable.

We are an inquisitive species we constantly have the need to learn we are in the face of God a childlike species curious about our surroundings.

We would never have evolved if we didn’t have this constant curiosity about how things work.

We live in a period of time that is accelerated by the growth of our understanding of how things work, movies like I robot and Minority Report are entertaining but computers will never replace human reasoning unless we become complacent in the technology we create to make our lives just that little bit easier.


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