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I have written blogs on different things but the one thing that has me in total awe is our beautiful planet.

Unfortunately we are more keen to destroy her for what …. mere money.

I believe with climate change it’s her way of saying “You have hurt me way too long” and as a consequence she is trying to heal herself.

Humans take for granted that we aren’t the only living species on the planet, who speaks for every living thing on Earth such as plants and animals.

Am I an environmentalist?

To some degree yes I am but no different to you or anyone else.

More has to be done to create more renewable energy products and the awareness of green energy products that are already available on the market.

The Internet is a marvelous tool if used appropriately, it can give you knowledge, it can bring people closer, it can create awareness of how each one of us as individuals can change our world.

To some degree humanity is a collective species, we have the ability to reason, we have the ability to stand up for what we know is right and the ability to ease and relieve human suffering.

Has anyone ever questioned what wars do the environment?

Anyone that takes another person’s life does not value the gift of life, I once asked someone “If in the bible it states life for a life wouldn’t that mean the cancellation of the human race”

You be the judge? there is no logic in that, I believe when God asked Moses to write down the Ten Commandments the one about “Tho shall not kill” he was implying “Use your damn brain and be logical”

I’m not religious but there comes a point where we instill in our children “Think before you act” as adults do we really do that ourselves.

No one takes responsibility for their own actions, world governments implement laws that virtually do your thinking for you …. we are all individuals.

If we all start thinking for ourselves we can better our world and make a difference.

I love this planet we call home but I don’t like what is being done to it, the question is “Would you treat your children, your parents, your wife, your husband, your grandparents, your brother or sister” with same disrespect that Earth get’s everyday.


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