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After watching on the news and on YouTube last night the Anonymous denial of service attack (DOS) on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s webpage one would think this attack was straight out of the movie V for Vendetta.

It’s most likely true Internet content filtering would slow down Internet speeds in Australia significantly but someone has to take responsibility of protecting people from the low life’s who exist in this world some of them aren’t fit to be called human they are lower then animals.

So who’s responsibility should it be to protect the global population?

Is it the responsibility of each individual country’s government or should the UN be doing a hell of a lot more then it does ….. no offense to the UN I believe they are a great organization and they do the best they can.

What happened to people taking responsibility for their own actions and not blaming it on a democratic system that has to become to some extent draconian or totalitarian to keep civil peace.

We can watch movies like Children of Men and be scared that this is the way the world is heading but we are all individuals we can do our bit to make sure it doesn’t happen in a diplomatic non-violent way.

The conspiracy theorist in this world are having a field day with this they probably think this is the work of secret societies which I don’t believe for a minute that is what is going on.

I believe some people want to become wealthy with minimum effort and therefore are will to act in an unethical manner to get there.

So people do what is our diplomatic right to freedom of speech and freedom of information be diplomatic not violent.

As the saying goes “The pen is mightier then the sword” we choose where we want to be tomorrow not anyone else.

We can change the future it isn’t written in stone, what are the economic ramifications for reducing coal mining and more money being spent in green energy research.

The global financial crisis was caused by self centered greedy people but in the end karma get’s them or at least I would like to think that it does.

Enjoy this blog and if you have any comments please feel free to leave them even constructive criticism is good shows that we may not all agree with one another but we can be diplomatic about it.


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